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Corporate Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business Ethics is an academic field combining aspects of various academic fields. Hence, the team of researchers consists of experts in philosophy, corporate communication, marketing, economics, religious studies, law studies or psychology. As diverse as the academic expertise is also our cultural diversity bringing together scholars from Germany, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, or the U.S.

The research areas in detail:

  1. CSR communication, especially CSR-Reporting
  2. Greenwashing and the use of colors in corporate communication and advertisement
  3. Methods and Business Ethics Research, especially a. content analysis, b. case studies and c. experimental research
  4. Ethical investment guidelines and socially responsible investment
  5. Philosophical and historical foundations of Business Ethics
  6. Business Ethics Education and Sustainability in Education

Current research projects:

Externally funded:


Head of research area
Peter Seele
Associate Professor in CSR & Business Ethics
Email: peter.seele@usi.ch
Phone: +41 58 666 4296