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Three IMCA Papers accepted for the European Marketing Academy Conference (EMAC) 2013


The following marketing papers of IMCA scholars have been accepted to this years EMAC 2013 conference:

Pizzetti, M., Gibbert, M., Herrmann, A. and Guest, D. “I Designed It Myself  Just For You: Effects Of Gift-Personalization on Giver and Recipient, and the Role of Product Involvement, Self-Construal, and Gender


Hofstetter, R., Hildebrand, C., Herrmann, A., Huber, J., Revealing Painful Truths: The Impact of Friends on Self-Reported Health Behavior

The third paper entitled “Revealing Painful Truths” was also accepted for the Advertising and Consumer Psychology (ACP) and the Theory and Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conferences.

Resource Constrained Innovation

Michael Gibbert has authored and co-authored a number of articles on resource constrained innovation, the most recent one just having been accepted for publication in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Under the headline “Perceptions of Material Resources in Innovation Projects: What shapes them and how do they matter?” the article inquires into the role of the perceived adequacy of material resources in innovation projects. The authors not only address what drives perceptions of resource adequacy but also shed light into the relationship between perceptions of material resource adequacy and innovation project teams' performance.



Resource constrained innovation will also be a topic at the forthcoming AOM Africa conference in January 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. A symposium on Practicing Resource Constrained Innovation and Cognitive Discovery has been accepted in the conference program.


Weiss, M., Hoegl, M., Gibbert, M. (forthcoming) Perceptions of Material Resources in Innovation Projects: What shapes them and how do they matter? Journal of Product Innovation Management.

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Paper: Similarity and Processing Ease in Evaluation of Brand Extensions

Michael Gibbert and Duncan Guest (USI and Nottingham Trent University), Zachary Estes (Bocconi University) and David Mazursky (Bocconi University and Jerusalem School of Business Administration) have conducted a number of studies that inquired in the effects of taxonomic and thematic similarity of brand extensions on the perceptions of consumers. Their paper has just been accepted at the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

A dual-process model of brand extension: Taxonomic feature-based and thematic relation-based similarity independently drive brand extension evaluation

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Book: Economics, Politics and Ethics in the Practical Philosophy of Antiquity


Peter Seele has edited a new book that gives an account of the economics of antiquity and looks into their relationship to politics and ethics as topics of practical ancient philosophy. It examines the relevance of practical ancient philosophy for contemporary issues such as state revenue, entrepreneurship and conceptions of humanity.

The book is available in German from the publisher’s website both as eBook and in the usual hard copy form.

Corporate Communication and Public Relations Practice Monitor

The Practice Monitor, launched for the first time in 2010 by the Swiss Corporate Communication and Public Relations Observatory, is a joint initiative by BPRA, HarbourClub, pr suisse, SPRI and USI.

The research was conducted by an IMCA research team comprising:

   • Francesco Lurati, Professor of Corporate Communication
   • Simone Mariconda, Teaching Assistant
   • Jost Reinhold, Teaching Assistant

Its scope was to investigate the profession’s practices and their evolution, explore the different communication structures in organizations, evaluate the integration of communication practice within management practice, identify trends and ascertain the need for education and personal development. This year, almost 500 communication professionals throughout Switzerland responded to the survey.

Download the 2011 report from SPRI.

New edition of “Managing Business Relationships”

On September 2nd, the third edition of David Ford’s, Lars-Erik Gadde’s, Hakan Hakansson’s and Ivan Snehota’s book “Managing Business Relationships” has appeared. It aims to help managers and students understand the reality of business networks and how to manage them. The book has been entirely rewritten to include the latest thinking and research from the IMP (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing) Group. New chapters include the Intermediation in Business Networks, the Economics of Business Relationships and the Practice of Business Networking.

Business Relationships third edition

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“Management-Atlas” by Martin Eppler and Jeanne Mengis

The new book of Martin J. Eppler and Jeanne Mengis has just arrived. With a lot of colorful illustrations, easy-to-grasp explanations, and practical examples it is aimed at bringing together contemporary management theory and the everyday challenges of managerial work.

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Paper: “Understanding the Role of Objects in Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration”

Jeanne Mengis has published a new paper in Organization Science together with Davide Nicolini and Jacky Swan from Warwick Business School.

The paper aims to contribute to the currently vivid discussion in organization studies on the active work done by material objects in cross-disciplinary collaboration. It takes a pluralist approach – building on the theories of boundary objects, epistemic objects, and cultural historical activity to highlight that objects perform at least three types of work: they motivate collaboration, they allow participants to work across different types of boundaries, and they constitute the fundamental infrastructure of the activity. Building on the results of an empirical study in the biomedical arena, the paper highlights the shifting status of objects in cross-disciplinary collaboration (trajectories of objects) and argues for their relational nature.

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