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IMCA leaving AOM meeting rich in awards

Lakshmi is receiving the Best Paper Award at this year's AOM in Philadelphia.

At this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Philadelphia, IMCA members received two awards making us proud that the quality of our work is recognized by the academic community.

Here is a picture of Lakshmi Nair (to the right), who collected the best paper award of the Research Methods division, which she received together with professors Gibbert (USI) and Weiss (LMU München) for their paper Oops, Ive got an outlier in my data  now what? Using the deviance case method for theory building”.

At the Managerial and Organizational Cognition Division (MOC), Dr. Alessandra Zamparini received the Outstanding Reviewer Award. Unfortunately, our photographer could not be at two places at the same time ;-) Congratulations to Lakshmi, Michael and Alessandra!