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Need for Narrative: a film and an article will be published shortly in the Journal of Marketing Management

Prof. Visconti has worked on a film and a commentary article that will appear in the special issue “Journaling Marketing: Videography and the Expanding Horizons of Filmic Research” of the Journal of Marketing Management.

Abstract of paper and film:
What do consumers need from a narrative? How can videographers satisfy those needs? Through semi-structured interviews with 55 Eurostar passengers from 14 countries, this film documents how people define narratives, why they need them, and how they experience the effects of need for narrative. The adjoining commentary contributes to the development of videography as an attractive method by introducing the videographers perspective and elucidating key story elements that can help satisfy viewers needs for narrative. The suggested approach maintains the vivid quality of videography and respects its methodological rigour, while increasing its effectiveness in close alignment with a consumer society that visual communication increasingly permeates. As such, the commentary and the film jointly unveil videographers etic and viewers emic use and evaluation of the videographic method.